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Komega Impex is into the Medical Equipments market, and are selling a variety of New and Pre-owned radiology equipments like CT Scan like single slice and Multi slice, MRI like Siemens 1.5 T and Hitachi permanent magnet MRP7000, AirisI and AirisII, Siemens Mammography, Ventilators, Digital Bone Densitometry, Gastroenterology and Cardiology equipment like Siemens Cath Lab. We also market Naomi Direct Digital DR of Japan.
Naomi is a Japanese product, with No. 1 market share in Japan due to its quality, versatility and economic price Naomi’s DR system has some unique advantages over CR systems and conventional x-ray systems: Naomi is one of the only DR systems that can be connected to low frequency x-ray generators (old x-ray machines).This makes Naomi a cost effective and versatile DR solution.                                                                               Read More....

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