Komega Impex is into the Medical Equipments market, and are selling a variety of New and Pre-owned radiology equipments like CT Scan like single slice and Multi slice, MRI like Siemens 1.5 T and Hitachi permanent magnet MRP7000, AirisI and AirisII, Siemens Mammography, Ventilators, Digital Bone Densitometry, Gastroenterology and Cardiology equipment like Siemens Cath Lab.
We also market Naomi Direct Digital DR of Japan.


Naomi is a Japanese product, with No. 1 market share in Japan due to its quality, versatility and economic price
Naomi’s DR system has some unique advantages over CR systems and conventional x-ray systems:
Naomi is one of the only DR systems that can be connected to low frequency x-ray generators (old x-ray machines). Most other more expensive flat panel systems can only be connected to x-ray machines with high frequency generators, usually required by hospitals to upgrade their existing systems. This makes Naomi a cost effective and versatile DR solution.
We also market E-view (ERCP) of USA for Gastroenterology dept. for image guided endoscopic and GI procedures which produces “best in class performance”. The system includes, a 5 way motorized patient table, imaging system, image processor and image display  
In a short period of time we have made significant inroads into the Indian market. Komega Impex philosophy ensures that we sell only the best New and Pre-owned equipment in India.


Once Komega Impex agrees on price of the system from the seller, they send their own representative to inspect the system and supervise the de-installation; all refurbishment is done at this stage before the system is shipped to India.
Komega Impex believes in quickly supplying equipment bought from them, hence we maintain a stock of machines in India, which are ready for immediate delivery. Our clients, choose us for supplying the best equipment, maintaining a professional approach with the clients and delivering what we promise.


Photography Division
Komega Impex also market New and pre-owned Photographic Equipments likes Minilab, Photo book, Photo booths, Digital Photo Kiosks, Biometric Solutions, Photo book Machines etc. Discover a comprehensive range of equipment for the photographer, benefiting from the most advanced technologies. For those attracted by digital systems and want to make the best choice, KIS designs products that combine cutting-edge technology with simplicity in use. KIS has a full range of solution to meet any of your needs. What’s more, the innovative KIS R&D bring you never before seen technologies integrated into their Minilabs, such as ICC Profile Management and add-on solution to maximize your profitability, such as Intuitive Time Management System. Peripherals such as e-stations and DKS Workstation aim to increase you productivity and innovative softwares such as My Creative Album, and Calendars will improve your margins.

DKS1710 Wet Digital Labs

  • High definition: 350 dpi in all formats
  • Productivity: 1000 prints/hr in 4''x6'
  • Printing format up to 12''x18''
  • Capacity of 7000 prints (in 4''x6'' format with the chemistry extension  module tank and the 2nd paper feeder)
  • Small Footprint: 10,65 sq.ft. (0.99m²)
Sales methodology

Our sales support includes, help in tying up finance for customers Advise on selection of equipment based on customers’ needs, aiming to change clients mind and pre-conceptions Ex-stock availability of products

Advise on selection of equipment based on customers’ needs, aiming to change clients mind and pre-conceptions

Ex-stock availability of products

Help our clients grow: 

Customized business plan creation to help customers take maximum advantage of equipment bought from us

Customized marketing plan creation to help customers increase their business and reach pre-set goals

Entire relationship managed with a long-term view

Service methodology

Reaching to customer site on time for the service of the system due to geographical distribution of engineers across the country

Quality responses to technical difficulties –based on continuous training of engineers

Cost efficient service

Continuous monitoring of the service process by actively obtaining feedback from customers

24X7 support to provide immediate response to customers

Comprehensive AMC plans to provide customers with worry free equipment, enabling them to concentrating on their business